Here's a hilarious snow removal hack you should not try at home.

Steven Phenegar and his family moved to St. Joe, Michigan from the Las Vegas area back in 2019. Las Vegas temperatures in January average a high of 69 and a low of 28. Vegas sees rain two days out of the month but usually sees no snow at all.  So, imagine the climate shock.

Luckily, Steven has an engineering brain, a blow torch, and a sense of humor.  Phenegar posted what is becoming a very popular video in the 'In & Around St. Joseph' Facebook page with this caption,

When an Army Engineer moves from Las Vegas and doesn’t know how to handle winter in St Joe Michigan lol

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I don't know about you, but I am just as entertained by the comments on the video as I am by the actual video.  Rorik Grassel commented,

Depending on how cold it is you just created ice all over. Get yourself a good shovel that loves in.your [sic] car, sand, or some sort of contraption that helps get you in your drive and have many children so they can loathe the winter with back-breaking work.

Steven replied,

 nope, just flame and salt are all you need 😉

Emily Boehm had a similar comment followed by a hilarious response from this hot-handed snow remover,

I mean... that works until you realize all that melted snow is gonna turn into ice and make that driveway crazy slippery.

Steven responded,

I put down salt after the snow was gone, but i didn’t think that video was very entertaining lol


Important note: It is highly inefficient to actually use a blow torch to remove snow.  It takes a long time to burn each targeted spot and uses a ton of fuel to do so.  Not to mention, the snow will become ice soon after melting it, making your driveway and ice rink.  With that being said, it's clear by Steven's comments and background, he's fully aware of all of this and was just making a playful video.

Welcome to Michigan, my friend.  Stay warm.

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