It isn't something new to see shoppers ask their stores to make a change for the good, and that's what Target shoppers are currently doing.

Target shoppers are asking the retail giant to stop using plastic bags.

There are currently more than 459,000 signatures on a petition from This petition is currently being directed to the CEO of Target, Brian Cornell, as well as other officials in the company.

"We understand this won’t be convenient to us, but it is time to act. For those of us who also shop at Costco or IKEA, we know we can survive without plastic bags."
Quoted from the petition.

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Shoppers are not asking the company to switch to paper bags, as they leave a bigger carbon footprint than using the plastic bags.

"If Target provides bags for purchase, we ask it to charge a meaningful amount because this approach works." Quoted from the petition.

According to WILX, Target has been working on bags that are more environmentally friendly, even making bags from recycled materials.

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