It seems like everyday we are hearing of something else that is being recalled or could have something negative linking to it. Something that is very popularly used, especially amongst the youth is now in view as containing a cancer causing element.

Some sunscreens, as well as hand sanitizers also made the study as cancer causing as well.

There is another product that you may be using daily that could cause harm to you and your health.

MICHIGAN: Check Your Cupboards For This Product

It was just recently announced, that a cancer causing chemical, was found to form in many different types of acne medicines that contained benzoyl peroxide.

Canva Pro
Canva Pro

A report from Valisure, noted that benzene could form unacceptable high levels in over the counter benzoyl peroxide products, as well some prescription medicines.


What Are Some Of This Brands Under This Study?

A few of the brands that got under the umbrella of this study were the Target's Up & Up Brand, Estee Launder's Clinique, as well as Clearasil, according to the study from Valisure.

Estee Launder reached out to Reuters, and said that their product "is safe for use as intended."

Other Brands At Risk According To The Study 

The study also noted that some aerosol sunscreens, as well as hand sanitizers also pinged in the study, as possible products that contained the cancer causing element as well.

You can read more from the study, here. 

No official recalls have been called for on any of the products listed here. Just a warning by Valisure after their study on these products.

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