There is a scam alert going around for a COVID-19 vaccination ticket.

“I called my daughter with excitement and said I have tickets for a vaccination,” A Florida man who was a victim of the scam commented.

He believed he had bought tickets to a a mass vaccination event online. When he went to the vent, there were no vaccinations happening, according to WILX.

Scammers are well at taking in what's going on in the world today, and update their tactics to take advantage of people.

No reports of this scam have been reported in Michigan yet, according to Troy Baker who is from the Better Business Urea in Michigan.

At this time, if you're not over 65 or older, a teacher, police officer, first responder, child care provider, or a jail staffer, you can't skip ahead of the line  for a vaccination.

Some tips to help when faced with a possible scam.

  • Is the messaging from one of the medical facilities?
  • Is the messaging coming from the county health department?
  • Is it coming from Sparrow Hospital to know that it’s something legitimate?

Vaccines should always be free, so if you are trying to by tickets for one, it is most definitely a scam.

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