Here's another scam to watch out for and this time it's from the Ingham County Sheriff's Office because the scammers are posing as them. This scam is like most scams where someone pretends to be the police in that they scare you into giving up money or your personal information.

But according to the Ingham County Sheriff's Office, this scam involves the scammers pretending they work for the sheriff's office and the victim is either in violation of the law, or a loved one has been arrested. Of course what comes after this is that the scammers will demand or ask you for money. Obviously if this ever happens to you....DON'T PAY THEM. The sheriff's office will never call demanding money or any form of payment. So if you get a call sounding like this, hang up immediately and don't give up any money or any of your personal information.

You can see the post below or here, from the Ingham County Sheriff's Office.


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