This past Wednesday in Lansing, President Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani presented repeated and debunked claims of voter fraud and election misconduct to members of the House Oversight Committee.

He urged lawmakers to “take back your power” and disregard certified election results that show President-elect Joe Biden winning the state’s popular vote, calling those results a “complete falsehood.” “Look, the people who certified your election... what are they worth?” he asked lawmakers, referring to the 83 bipartisan county boards of canvassers and the Board of State Canvassers that reviewed and certified the results.

The Trump campaign and Republican supporters have been alleging election fraud in Michigan and other states. They are pressuring state legislatures to intervene and support Trump electors, instead of following the certified results. Michigan shows Trump lost by more than 154,000 votes for President-Elect Joe Biden. Giuliani and Trump senior legal advisor Jenna Ellis were the ones before Michigan lawmakers taking testimony from several Michigan Republicans who are not happy with the election process in Wayne County.

To date, none of the challenges have achieved success in court. Jessy Jacob, a witness who testified Wednesday was part of a suit deemed incorrect and not credible by Timothy Kenny, a Wayne County Circuit Court Judge. These proceedings Wednesday have been denounced by several prominent Michigan officials. Chris Thomas who was Michigan’s elections director for decades and was a senior advisor in Detroit elections this year, was fact checking comments made by witnesses on Twitter. Dana Nessel our Attorney General called it a “state sponsored disinformation campaign geared toward undermining our electoral system.”

This has to be the craziest election in our lifetime. And all happening during a pandemic. 2021 can't get here soon enough.

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