Romina Boccia, director of the Grover M. Hermann Center for the Federal Budget at The Heritage Foundation.


President’s Budget Takes Steps Toward Sustainable Fiscal Policy

Steve Gruber: Romina welcome back to the program.
Romina Boccia Thanks for having me. Good  morning.
Steve Gruber:  Good to have you here. It's enormous for Point whatever trillion dollars a mind-blowing numbers are these budgets give me an idea of some of the things you see first blush the Democrats out there saying well, they're going to attack Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid and the Republicans are evil people, but that's what I would expect them to say. What do you see that you like what you see that you don't like?
Romina Boccia: Yeah. So first of all, it's great that the president actually Put forth a budget that is far more than Democrats who are in charge of the house budget committee that's actually supposed to generate the budget for the federal government are willing to do they've already said that they're not going to bother putting a budget together this year because it's an election year and they don't want to tell people what they're all about. So that's something we should call them out on the president's budget is it's an ambitious budget it would balance in 15 years. So that's the good news.

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