Dr. Shaun McAlmont, Ed.D, President of Career Learning Solutions at K12.


White House Calls for Career Ed in All High Schools


Steve Gruber: Time. Dr. McAlmont. Welcome to the program.
Dr. Shaun McAlmont: Hey good to see you Steve. Good to hear from you
Steve Gruber: I always good to talk to you. So give me an idea when I when I try to find a carpenter a plumber electrician those things tough to find welders are the same thing. In other areas. There are all sorts of jobs out there and I'm talking about good paying jobs twenty-five Thirty thirty-five dollars an hour and up depending on where you are and our schools aren't turning enough people out not even close to address these needs. Is that why you're supporting this? Yes,
Dr. Shaun McAlmont: absolutely. You know the skills Gap is not only relates to the technical jobs, but also the trades and you know, I think the last time we talked we talked about the bias around kids that go into the trades they career counselor keep sending students to traditional education and not everybody is a to that
Steve Gruber: well absolutely try and let me give you an example. Let me give everybody an example. I know young man is 20 years old. Just started at a carpentry business.

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