No, the Polar Vortex didn't do it but researchers think they may have found a way to deal with the ever-present stink bug.

Battling one invasive species with another seems to be the tactic in dealing with stink bugs. Flint's ABC12 shares the story we have all been waiting for since stink bugs invaded our homes and nothing seems to get rid of them. Meet the Samurai Wasp.

If you're like me, your first thought is, "I don't want those things, either!" Although it is fierce, the Samurai Wasp is "no larger than a speck of dirt and is harmless to humans." It is the mortal enemy of stink bugs, laying its own eggs inside the eggs of its prey. "Once the wasp eggs hatch, they feed on the larvae of the stink bugs and help control the population of the bugs in Asia." Some Samurai Wasps have already emigrated to the United States and researchers are betting on their population numbers to rise. There are, after all, plenty of stink bugs for them to battle.

Let's hope this time it's for real.

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