Only in Michigan could someone post on TikTok about a gigantic pothole in Detroit and the video go viral.

A TikTok user recently shared a video showing damage to his car after driving into a massive pothole in Detroit.

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In the video, you see TikToker, Michigan Boy standing there holding a bunch of broken car parts in his hands. Looking visibly upset and in shock, he says:

If ya'll thinking about coming to Michigan, don't. This is what they do to your car...Fat**s potholes.

iiamdriven via TikTok
iiamdriven via TikTok

Some may think that nothing actually happened to his car and that he was simply making a funny TikTok. However, if you live in Michigan, you know all too well that this is what we all deal with every time we pull out of our driveways.

It doesn't matter where you live in Michigan, potholes are everywhere, and many times there as massive as the one you'll see in the video below.

I'm not sure what's funnier, his TikTok or other users' comments:

Hit a pothole once that turned off my check engine light ~ Zackary


I hit a pothole that rolled my window down and back up ~ Beetle


Hit a pothole that size my first time visiting..I sat in silence until I got to my hotel where I sat even longer in silence ~ Brooklynn


Hit a pot hole last week that straightened my alignment.~ FireCrotchsway

Warning: There is some explicit language at the beginning of the video.

@iiamdriven Don’t come here #michigan#potholes#foryoupage#fypシ#michiganders#puremichigan#iiamdriven♬ original sound - Michigan Boy 💙

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