With all the talk of fixing our roads it makes sense to think about how we fix them because the way we do it now isn't working.

Storch Magnetics based in Livonia, Michigan, has introduced SuperMag. The idea behind SuperMag is simple: use a giant magnet to clean debris off of the roads before repair crews start their work so they can get their work done more efficiently.

SuperMag is a powerful, industrial-sized magnet that removes nails, screws and other metal debris from roads and shoulders to reduce flat tires.

Storch Magnetics CEO Matt Carr claims, "Pothole repair and road maintenance crews experience an average of one flat tire every three hours on the road."

If crews are getting flat tires every three hours, the effect on repair time and the costs associated with those repairs is huge and is something that should have been addressed decades ago.

So a giant magnet would be nice or we could just buy some brooms. Either will work.

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