Scott Olson - Getty Images

With all of the allegations of police brutality in America these days from Ferguson, Missouri to Baltimore, Maryland you’d think there was an epidemic of police officers killing people across the nation. The truth is such deaths have been falling for decades.

Let me give you the best possible example: New York City is the largest city in America. In 2013, eight people were shot and killed by the NYPD. New York City had nearly 8.5 million residents then. That means there is about one fatal shooting per one million people living in the big apple.

In 1971 by comparison, the first year the NYPD kept track of such things, 93 people were shot and killed by police in New York City. The city's population in 1971 was 7.8 million people and that works out to about 12 killings for every million residents!

Math is a wonderful, factual, emotionless entity. Math gives a clear picture of the truth, no matter how emotional that subject may be for so many. In fact, many of our fellow citizens are incapable of separating the truth from emotion. Thankfully I am here to help out.