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Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke turned up the heat over what he calls liberal policies that are out of control in the nations cities. “President Obama secretly enjoys watching Baltimore burn.” Clarke said today on The Steve Gruber Show. “I know a lot of people are going to think that is over the top”, he continued but said it again moments later and refused to back away from his scorching comments.

Clarke has become an ever louder critic of the President and what he describes as “the failed liberal policies of the last few decades.” Clarke, the Milwaukee County Sheriff since 2002 is conservative and black, and has become a fierce critic of the Progressive policies of this President adding, “Don’t expect any leadership from Washington” when it comes to the rioting and violence in the streets of Baltimore.

The city erupted after the funeral of 25 year old Freddie Gray April 19th. Gray appeared unable to walk on video taken during his arrest on April 12th and when he arrived at the police station a half hour after being taken into custody he was unable to talk and had trouble breathing. After his death it was reported his spine was 80% severed the day he died.

Following his funeral the Mayor of Baltimore Stephanie Rawlings-Blake made the comment that she and her administration were giving the rioters “room to destroy” and implied it was a matter of freedom of speech. “She is in over her head” and clearly has no idea what she is doing or how to handle the spreading violence, Clarke said. “The rioters are not throwing rocks, they are throwing chunks of concrete at police officers” and that Clarke said should be enough to authorize the use of lethal force.

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