The drum beat of racial discourse are getting louder. Discredited ‘civil rights activist’ Al ‘Tawany Brawley’ Sharpton will soon have the blood of a nation on his hands. Outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder will as well and so will Barack Obama.

It is the venomous words of racial divide they continue to preach that have made police public enemy number one. They have also issued a permission slip to anyone of color that feels slighted in America to lash out violently against anyone they think is white. Or in some cases isn’t black enough.

In St. Louis the FBI is investigating a second gang style attack in a few days. This one left a 26 year old white Bosnian immigrant bleeding and unconscious in the streets. The first, claimed the life of 32 year old Zemir Begic after he was beaten to death in front of his fiancée by young men of color swinging hammers.

The fuse of a race war it seems may have been lit.

In Mississippi a 19 year old woman Jessica Chambers was set on fire over the weekend. Lighter fluid poured down her throat and in her nose. She was white and burned alive. She died with burns over 98% of her body. Her attackers according to reports tonight were black.

Is this a reflection on the black community- no. It is however a reflection on a violent minority that will kill at will because of being incited by the race merchants.

I just hope common sense can take hold and that the likes of race baiters like Sharpton can be silenced and shamed for their despicable behavior.