Harder than ever to deny the hypocrisy of the very loud and misguided left- those elitist Progressives that decry the evil corporations of America and the entrepreneurs that created them- by posting on Facebook using their Mac Book Pros- the liberals that scream daily about the deadly carbon footprint from their new iPhone 6- the progressives that live in Portland Oregon (a state that is nearly 90% white) and blather on about racism- the defenders of the environment that drive their Jeep Cherokee and the America haters that benefit everyday from the greatest nation, government and economy ever created! Just saying.

I love big trucks, big buildings, big farm fields, big tractors, big ideas, big spaceships, big warships, big guns, big egos, big balls and big boobs! And what I really like is a really, really big economy with lots of people consuming all sorts of things they do not need and only want! I love big freedom!

Thank God for America and thank God she has been here for you libs to trash talk while you’re lining up at the pay window. I for one am damned grateful for this nation and all it has meant to me. I am grateful for the opportunity that dawns new everyday here in America. I am thankful for the chance just to be here. And it seems based on the incredible rush at the southern border lately there may be others that see America as the last great hope and that Shining City on the Hill that Ronald Reagan- a real American hero was talking about.

PS lefties- as of today Facebook has a valuation of about $385 Billion dollars- big carbon footprint, Apple comes in at $483 Billion dollars- even bigger carbon footprint, go ahead ring that up on your Mac. Chrysler and the UAW were bailed out for at least the second time by American taxpayers and are now owned by Italian automaker Fiat. And the liberal bastion of Portland Oregon is in the hole about $3,404,860,112 as of June 2014- Yep that IS 3.4 Billion dollars! Hats off Liberals you are doing a bang up job at running your mouths and running up the bills! Just remember you dumb asses somebody most likely our kids and grandkids actually have to pay the bill someday for your failed Utopian BS.

Meanwhile the lessons learned by the 40th President of the United States Ronald W. Reagan- that’s right, Priceless!