It's probably not a place all of us wanted to be while we were growing up. But what about as an adult, and abandoned?

There are tons of old schools and schoolhouses spread all throughout Michigan that sit empty and in wrecks. This school just happens to be one of them.

Abandoned Henrietta Agricultural School in Pleasant Lake, Michigan

The school has been closed to the public now since 1964, which a long time for a school to sit abandoned.

Of course, like any other abandoned location, the school is covered with graffiti and crumbling around. This may actually be a location you would not find me in, given half the building has begun to cave in on itself.

Take a look at what remains below. It's still interesting to see, and the stories for sure tell a story.

Look Inside This Abandoned School In Pleasent Lake

The old Henrietta Agricultural School located in Pleasent Lake, Michigan has been sitting abandoned since 1964. Take a look at the inside of the old school today.

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