Hamilton @ The Wharton Center

Enjoy the photos. And here's a few tips.

  • Get there early. Parking is gonna be a little hectic. I parked in the structure and price was $10.
  • There is security. You will go through a metal detector and possibly be wanded. Leave your cameras and recording devices at home. You can't take photos or break out your phone or recording device during the show anyway.
  • See photos about showing up late because they won't let you in until the first number or two.
  • There's plenty of merch in the gift shop and outside the theater. T-shirts start at about $40, youth sizes are a little cheaper. They didn't bring all their t-shirts. But they do have a decent selection. Head here for more choice of OFFICIAL Hamilton merchandise.
  • You should download the Hamilton App. And you can enter the lottery for a chance to score some $10 tickets.
  • Act 1 is 1 hour 15 minutes. So is Act 2. With a 15 minute intermission. It flies by trust me.
  • The whole thing is singing. Little to no dialogue. The soundtrack is required listening before you get here (well...I listened to it non-stop for like the last couple of years so...). Just kidding, you can go in and just enjoy the show.
  • Pretty historically accurate. And fun and entertaining.
  • Strobes, recorded gunshots and canon fire.
  • The stage is amazing. The center piece has several moving parts.
  • King George is hilarious.
  • Show up early, sit back an enjoy the show.

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