When it rains it pours, and that's a play on words regarding all the road construction and repairs taking place throughout all of Michigan.

Two major road construction projects taking place currently is the major bridge repair on Okemos Road which should be finished by November.

The other road project that I'm also aware of is the road construction along West Grand River in Okemos which is under a major process that will take about a year to finish.

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Here comes another major bridge replacement project which will cost around $100 million and will take at least two years to finish.

Where exactly is this going to take place in Michigan? Eastbound I-196 at Market Avenue in the Grand Rapids area.

According to mlive.com:

The closure is part of a $100 million project to replace the eastbound and westbound I-196 bridges over the Grand River at Market Avenue. State transportation officials are holding a virtual, public information session Thursday evening on the project.

Even though I've driven past that area a few times, I'm not very familiar with Eastbound I-196 at Market Avenue.

I do know that when they finish up this project by roughly July of 2024, it will be another huge big money bridge replacement for Michigan.

Mlive.com also adds:

The bridges were constructed in 1961. Even though they've been repaired and restored multiple times since, Michigan Department of Transportation officials say it's time for new bridges.

Absolutely, it's time for new Michigan bridges and new and improved Michigan roads.

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