More than a week after dozens of students at Olivet College in Eaton County were sickened by "carbon monoxide-like" symptoms, there are still more questions than answers....and medical bills.

Now parents want the school to pick up the tab.

WILX-TV reported the cost of the 55 students who were hospitalized last week could cost each student and family between $500 and $1,000 in medical bills.

"There are some families who are very concerned about what this ultimately could personally cost them for the emergency room assessments that were done," said Maria, Davis, Olivet College provost.

Many of the students were treated and released, but others were admitted.  In the end, the cause of the symptoms, which included headaches, dizziness and nausea, remains a mystery.

College officials along with those from the hospital and fire department are debating a plan to pay for the expenses and determine who ultimately is responsible.  But whether Olivet officials end up picking up the tab is something emergency responders say is the price of doing the right thing for the students and the school.

"We'd respond that way anytime we get that type of a call,"  Lt. Michael McLieer said according to the report.

The air quality in Blair Hall, where most of the students lived, was tested for high CO2 levels, but nothing out of the ordinary was found.  Blood tests on those affected also turned up no sign of carbon monoxide poisoning.  Other links are still being looked at as a potential cause.

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