Over the past few years I have done a lot of exploring. Michigan is a fun state to explore with the Great Lakes, inland lakes, lakeside towns, small inland communities and more. More cities in Michigan do not sit on the water than do. These small towns have their own charm.

I grew up in Southwest Michigan and we had plenty of small towns in the area that were fun to explore because they all had unique traits that drew me and my friends to them. It could be Coloma, Baroda, Dowagiac or Riverside, it did not matter because they were all unique in their own way. Maybe it was a burger joint, pizza place, trails to hike, stores to shop or annual events that we liked attending. Each small town has their own niche and that's why I love to get out and explore more the older I get. Shame on me for not discovering new places sooner in life.

The same goes for mid Michigan. Seriously, each small town and community in the area has something that makes it unique. For example, Bath, Michigan. I've been to Bath many times however didn't know much about it until I went to Bath to get all of my fireworks this year for the 4th. I met some cool guys at the fireworks tent that told me the history of Bath. They love their town and it was fun to listen to them tell their stories.

Another fun town in mid Michigan is Owosso. Most of the time I hear anything negative about a town, it comes from a "local" or resident. I think people become jaded and forget about what makes their town amazing.

My wife and I went to Owosso over the weekend. We didn't know that the farmer's market was taking place. We ended up walking around and talking to the vendors. They were very kind people and they love coming to the Owosso Farmer's Market. If you get the chance, pay a visit to Owosso and if it aligns with your schedule.

Owosso Farmer's Market

Small towns are unique. Owosso has a ton of charm. Check out the Farmer's Market in Owosso.

Bath, MI Is Awesome

Bath is a great place to visit. My family and I had fun in Bath, MI. Check out the pics from Bath, MI.

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