Religious or not, you can't tell me you don't like historic Michigan landmarks.

Before it was a home, that is currently on the market, this beautiful establishment was once a church. The church was remodeled to its current beauty back in 2015 before it became a residential home. With over 2 years of hard work, you can tell a lot of love went into this home.

Before you begin the journey below, yes. They did in fact keep most of the original objects from the church, such as the ceilings, bell tower, the wooden pews.

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The three-bed and six-bathroom house currently sits on the Grand Haven housing market at roughly $2,850,000.

Check out the beauty of this Michigan home below:

This Old Michigan Church Could Be Your New Home

Whether you are religious or not, this is one beautiful home. Materials from the original home-like, ceilings, the bell tower, the doors, and more were included in the modernization of the historical landmark in Grand Haven.

Could you imagine owning this Michigan gem? It's full of such history and character, and you'd probably feel like you were in a Hallmark movie with a nice view of that fireplace.

The smell of home cooking on the holidays would be amazing, especially in such a big and open kitchen consept. You'd also have tons of room to not only entertain guests but also just sit back and relax. Although, it says a three-bedroom home, imagine the number of people you'd be able to fit in the house itself. On top of that, you'd have six bathrooms, so you'd never have to worry about fighting about who gets to go first in the mornings.

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