There are two world famous American celebrities whose names and faces are recognized far and wide and often for the same thing, guilt. OJ Simpson and Hillary Clinton are guilty and every American knows it.

In fact, James Comey while testifying today on Capital Hill today confirmed that the former Secretary of State gave access to classified, some top secret emails to people that had absolutely no business with such access. In fact doing so is a criminal act but despite that he did not think she should be prosecuted.

Texas Congressman Will Hurd, himself a former undercover agent for the CIA was not swayed by James Comeys comments. He says Mrs. Clinton committed crimes against America.

Comey admitted under intense scrutiny that if an agent of the FBI had done exactly the same as Clinton, they would face a ‘robust disciplinary hearing’ and would face consequences from suspension to termination.

Yeah OJ and Hillary are quite a pair.

Robust disciplinary hearing