We are seeing the mobs more and more attempting to use their aggression and violence to take over civil society.

The question I ask is, why now?

Why are we seeing so many groups attempting to use force, intimidation, violence and aggression to attempt to get their way?

The answer I believe is quite clear, but I will leave that up to you to determine.

The latest mob rule insanity being reported by the Detroit News happened to our own Michigan’ Attorney General Bill Schuette.  AG Schuette’s office reported that approximately 40 “thugs” attacked his Midland Michigan home yesterday afternoon.   It is being reported that these “thugs” pounded on the windows and doors of his home, while his wife was home alone.

Ladies, how would that make you feel?

Men, how would you feel if you wife and possibly children were intimidated and attacked in this way?

According to the intimidators, they were protesting the controversial oil pipeline in the Straits of Mackinac.

The mob was so out of hand that it took three different police agencies to respond and disperse the intimidators.  Interestingly though, no arrests were made.  Are there no longer private property laws?

AG Schuette spokeswoman Andrea Bitely said in a statement

This was a cowardly assault by professional protestors whose car license plates mostly appeared to be from out of state

Who were these intimidators?  The Michigan Coalition Against Tar Sands and the radical environmental group Earth First.  They both claimed credit for the apparent out of control aggressive act, but both said it was not mob-like behavior.

According to AG Schuette’s spokeswoman, they attempted to frighten and intimidate AG Schuette’s wife by beating on the doors and windows for approximately 30 minutes.  NOOOOOOOO that is not mob-like is it?

When are the good people of America on all sides of the political aisle going to say, “enough is enough”?

It will take us all to stop this slide down the toilet bowl that has been occurring in our country lately.

We can disagree on policy and issues and intelligently discuss them, but we cannot stand for these liberal groups aggressive, violent intimidation acts.

Can We?

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