If you have not registered to vote and would rather not do it in person, you have until Monday to get registered online.

Every election is important and it is the best way for an American to have their voice heard and that is by casting their vote. In order to vote you must be registered.

Even if you are a registered voter, but have moved, you need register your new address so you can vote at the proper polling station.

According to FOX 17, to register online is very simple, just grab your Michigan's drivers license or your Michigan ID then just click right here and get it done.

Now if you want to take your chances on registering by mail, you have to have your paperwork filled out and postmarked by October 19.

If you have any additional questions about voting, we have a great resource right here on the website that has answers to just about every question regarding voting known to man. Just click the vote 2020 in the menu bar at the top of the page.

If you are still procrastinating to get registered to vote after Monday, October 19, you will still be able to register in person at the city clerk's office before 8 p.m. Election Day. Make sure and check where your city clerk's office is and make sure and confirm their hours.

No matter what party you are or if you are an independent voter, just make sure an exercise your right. American's have some freedoms people in other countries do not have so it is important to do your duty and decide who you want in office at all levels of government.

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