President Barack Obama- who notoriously told Dr. John Lott, while both were working at the University of Chicago. “I don’t believe anyone should own guns” is heading down the relentless liberal path pursuing an end to private gun ownership in America.

The truth is however it will never work. Never.

If Obama and his gun grabbing liberal fascists insist on pursuing an Australian style mandatory ‘gun buyback program’, which is really confiscation and nothing less, he will trigger something much more ominous. Let me be clear, of the one third of Americans that own guns for a variety of reasons, a call by the President to turn in your guns by law, will meet massive resistance.

I can tell you, if the government issues a demand for me to turn in guns, of any description that are currently legal, I will not. Millions, no make that tens of millions of American gun owners will not turn in their guns, any of them. Then what? Will law enforcement agents roam from house to house kicking in the doors of previously law abiding citizens and demanding compliance and jailing those found in violation?

Millions of us will view a demand for gun confiscation for what it is, a violation of the US Constitution and it could trigger something much more dangerous- it could trigger an uprising in the streets like hasn’t been seen since 1861.

I do not embrace such thoughts as fanciful or romantic. I find the thoughts to be nauseating. To me it is as nauseating as a government out of control and out of touch with the US Constitution.

Mr. President please put away your intention to declare millions of Americans, law abiding citizens as criminals and enemies of the state.