It seems that the narrative from the left is that just about everything is race related when it comes to blacks being portrayed as victims in America. In Baltimore- mobs burned parts of the city screaming racism and black lives matter- while ignoring the fact that the officers charged with murder in the death of Freddie Gray- are in fact black. Three white officers played much lesser roles in the case according to the prosecutors in the case.

Every major American news outlet- almost without exception has covered the Baltimore case plus charges of racism in Ferguson, Missouri, New York City, Chicago and elsewhere.

The first Freddie Gray trial just ended in a mistrial- because the jury could not reach a conclusion about the guilt or innocence of the officer, a black officer, charged in the case.

But when 17 black gang members are rounded up in the case of a white girl doused with gasoline and burned alive- the media is noticeably silent. Jessica Chambers was just 19 years old on December 6, 2014 when she was covered in gas in her car and lit on fire. The case was all the more brutal because the medical examiner says her killers also squirted lighter fluid up her nose and down her throat before she was torched. She was able to stumble out of the car before she collapsed in flames.

Sources close to the investigation say the FBI is pursuing leads that she may have been considered a snitch by gang members or may have spurned a romantic interest by a gang member.

Whether or not the national media is paying attention- we are- and so are the homicide investigators in Mississippi.

Today 17 gang bangers are behind bars- and they have a connection it seems in the burning alive of a white girl, now does that sound like a hate crime to you? More importantly do you think any of them will ever be charged with a hate crime in the case?

I guess we will have to wait and find out.