Three days after president Barack Obama and his family returned from holiday vacation in Hawaii he will make a trip to Arizona, Tennessee and Michigan.

Obama will be in the Great Lake State on Wednesday to speak about his economic policies.  He will focus on how American's economic recovery is based on policies put into place by his administration.

President Barack Obama will be in Michigan on Wednesday.
Photo: Getty Images

According to his administration Obama will speak about how manufacturing jobs are on the rise, as well as the return of the auto industry due to his bailout.

While in Arizona, on Thursday, the housing market will be the topic of conversation. Obama will cover the gains in the housing sector and he will talk about new programs to help Americans buy homes.

On Friday, Vice President Joe Biden will accompany the president in Tennessee.  During their visit to the home of country music they will be encouraging people to attend college to better their chances for employment.

This trip will follow the first meeting of the House and Senate in 2015.  Congress reconvenes on Tuesday.