As we sit back and make that list of New Year's Resolutions, one item that always seems to make it, is becoming more organized.

loading... is reporting today 17 ideas for starting off the New Year right....and keeping it that way.   And for most of them, I can see the logic.  What do you think?  Any additions?

First on the list is throwing away things you don't need.   Decluttering space is a motivator by giving you some room to spread out and get organized.

2. Create a goal list...what is it you're looking to accomplish.  Have a plan.

3. Organize your closet....if you haven't worn it in a year, get rid of it.   I always organize suits, jackets and slacks, and then blouses or sweaters.

4. Specify a daily junk basket...don't let the clutter pile up....pitch it!

5. Make assignment lists for everyone so everyone in your home is invested in the organizational plan

6. Craft a pegboard to keep small items in places where they can be easily found

7. Install bars on bathroom doors to hang things

8. Place dividers in your drawers to keep things separate and easy to find.

9. Print out a free calendar.....have one ready to go even before the New Year gets here.

10. Make mason jar keep everything in its place....

11. Organize your pantry by food group.....I get a lot of grief on this one...but I love knowing exactly what shelf my food is on to be able to grab it quickly!  Plus it looks really nice!

12. Paint your keys with nail makes them easier to grab on the go

13.   Use ice cube trays as organizers....they're great for keeping track of small items and tuck easily into most kitchen drawers

14. Upcycle a plastic bottle for a charging station....never tried this one but it seems it would keep all your electronics in one place

15. Use washi tape on yhour stands out better than highlighters

16. Make an emergency drawer in your desk at make important things easy to grab in case  you have to leave in a hurry

17. Create fabric-covered bulletin boards....a great way to keep track of important items...or pieces of paper that require immediate attention.

Any other ideas?

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