President Obama is planning his second trip to the state in as many months.  He's set to attend a rally in Ann Arbor on Wednesday.

Obama to come to Ann Arbor this week


The rally is said to be in support for his idea to raise federal wages to $10.10 an hour up from the current $7.25.

Some in Michigan want all wages increased.  The group "Raising Michigan" says more need a livable wage and the minimum here should be at $10.10 as well.

The current minimum wage in Michigan is $7.40 an hour.

It's likely the President will make another push to get sign-ups for the Affordable Care Act despite the deadline being today.

Obama came to Michigan last month to sign the Farm Bill at Michigan State University.

There is no word yet on the President's agenda for his Ann Arbor trip. Details are likely to come on Tuesday.

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