Michigan State University fans--whether football or basketball--tend to become a bit overzelous in their celebrations or defeats.  But this season, it appears they heeded warnings about letting those events get out of control landing them in jail.

East Lansing police got some help from MSU police, the Ingham County Sheriff's Office and the Michigan State Police in adding patrols in and around the campus to make sure gatherings didn't end in civil disobedience citations or worse. While there were some minor problems, police say--for the most part--it was a relatively quiet night Sunday after the hometown Spartans fell at the hands of UConn in the NCAA tournament.

That is in sharp contrast to out-of-control celebrations when the Spartan football team won the Big Ten championship in Decemeber and nearly 60 fires were set in the area.  Several students, caught on videotape or turned in by others, were prosecuted.  While some opted for fines and leaving school as opposed to jail time, others took their chances behind bars.

Despite the loss in the Elite 8, Spartan gear is still selling.  Many fans say they wanted a keepsake of what had been a great run in the tournament.  One, they say, they wish hadn't been cut so short.

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