I often do not have many nice things to say about what our former President Barack Obama says or does.  I mean that when I comment specifically on the policies he advocated for and how he frames his argument as us against them.

So I am happy to report that he has does something nice and because of that he is rewarded by the left by being degraded for his nice comments.

In response to his tweet I give you a few of the many responses he received:

This is what is wrong with our politics today, not one good word can be said about people on the other team without the extreme vocal wing of your party getting upset with you.

How do we intend to encourage our parties to work together, compromise and improve the lives of American citizens if we have these people in our political parties who discourage any unity at all.

We will not until “we”, and by “we” I mean the politicians and news media, stop listening to them and letting them fall into the garbage dump of history.

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