It seems that Barack Obama is continuing to disrupt America and the new Trump administration by way of surrogates. It is getting obvious that holdovers from the previous administration are leaking information to sympathetic reporters at places like the New York Times. Those same people are also planting stories that are embarrassing to Trump and his White House.

Disrupt and distract. That is the Democratic plan.

That is the agenda and the strategy that is being positioned by Barack Obama with the help of former Attorney General Eric Holder. Obama is ready to get back into Washington politics and will signal an end to decades of precedent when it comes to former Presidents after they leave the White House.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions stepped aside in the investigation of fictional ties between Russia and the Trump campaign and administration. This whole dog and pony show has nothing to do with National Security or even Jeff Sessions. This is simply a vehicle to give blowhards like Senator Chuck Schumer and everyone’s favorite Space-Cadet Nancy Pelosi a chance to blather on in front of TV cameras.

My favorite ridiculous moment came when Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill declared on Twitter that she has spent 10 years on the Senate Armed Services Committee and has ‘never’ met with any Russian Ambassador. Except of course that she has on at least two occasions in the past couple of years. Pictures quickly showed up on the Internet and social media sights making her statements all the more foolish. That won’t slow down her or the Liberal Mob that remains outraged that they were kicked out of their cozy space in Washington DC but some loud mouth, orange haired, political neophyte.

After Trump’s triumphant speech to Congress on Tuesday the Democrats are looking for anything to grab onto. Their message of big government and the ballooning nanny state have been soundly rejected in four consecutive elections and yet the plan from the left is to continue round the clock attacks to convince people that voting for Trump was a mistake.

It is failing miserably.

The left isn’t gaining momentum by attacking President Trump constantly and insulting his supporters and members of his administration. The continuous attacks are instead driving stronger support for the President. Don’t expect anything to change however. This is the game plan and even though it is failing badly somebody thinks it will work at some point so they are going to continue.

It’s going to be an exhausting 8 years.

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