On February 17th Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero stated he would seek his fourth term as Mayor of Lansing, apparently just 10 days later he has changed his mind.

In fact his statement announcing his re-election bid published in a Lansing State Journal article stated in part:

Lansing voters deserve nothing less than a campaign focused on the real issues and positive plans for Lansing's future. I believe a campaign should simply showcase the real record and qualifications of both candidates.

I am prepared to reapply for my job and serve my city, not slander my opponent. I plan to run on my record, Andy, why can't you?

Andy Schor hasn't even announced yet, and his campaign is already off on the wrong foot. I will be running a positive campaign focused on my plans for Lansing's future."

What has happened in those 10 days?  Well as far as I can see nothing other than state Representative Andy Schor, a democrat from Lansing, has decided to get into the race.

Interesting, very interesting.

In another Lansing State Journal article Mayor Bernero stated his decision to not run just a few weeks after announcing he would seek a 4th term as Mayor was due to personal reasons and that "I must put my family first now."

That could be all true, but where was putting his family first 10 days ago?

Interesting, very interesting.

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