You would think by reading The Washington Post or Yahoo or watching CNN that North Korea is some sort of normal but misunderstood nation. The Olympic coverage by the American press is normalizing a brutal nation that starves it’s citizens so it can let its elites live in opulent luxury.

Coverage of Dictator Kim Jong Un’s sister has been like a slobbering bunch of school kids talking about some new super celebrity. It however misses the mark that in North Korea anyone who disagrees with the man in charge is executed, including her brother and uncle.

The embarrassing display of the United States media trying desperately to normalize North Korea began last month when NBC’s Lester Holt went to North Korea and gushed about a ski resort built at a cost of $35 million dollars and calling it a source of immense pride for a country trying to present a new and modern face to the world. The problem is inside the Hermit Kingdom starvation is routine and many of the 35 million souls are little more than shells according to defectors who have made daring escapes.

The proganda machines in North Korea had wind at their backs this week as CNN and others gushed over Kim Yo Jong who has been making her rounds at the Winter Olymics in South Korea. She is officially listed as the Vice President of the Workers Party of Korea Propaganda and Agitation Department. The good news for this Kim is the headlines are doing the work for her.

I guess CNN and Wapo forgot about Otto Warmbier, the young American college student arrested and tortured in North Korea before being sent home in a persistent vegetative state last year. You may remember he died a few days later as a direct result of the sadistic abuse at the hands of the communist thugs of North Korea. You may remember but Yahoo and the rest have obviously forgotten.

The left and it’s propaganda about ‘democracy dies in darkness’ has clearly fallen into a deep dark hole of its own, mesmerized by the false offering from the north of what they would have you believe is a normal country.

It is not.

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