The old worn out refrain of “we want common sense gun laws” but let's be clear “we support the Second Amendment.” It was a lie then and it's still a lie today. The problem for liberal gun grabbers is they had one of their own. A former Supreme Court Justice, John Paul Stevens goes out and tells the world the truth today and he did it in The New York Times so left leaning websites like Snopes will be powerless to declare the truth as false.

Stevens who retired from the bench in 2010. after a career as one of the most anti-gun jurists in American history, penned an Op-Ed for the Times that was black and white; repeal The Second Amendment, he wrote with not a bit of ambiguity. Stevens in effect said out loud what so many liberals have been lying to your face about for many, many years.

Liberals have used the terms like common sense gun laws but we all know what they really want and that is to end any civilian ownership of guns.

This is a present gift wrapped just in time for Republicans to start plastering it all over television and newspapers. It will make its rounds on social media and swiftly turn the midterms into a referendum on gun ownership in America. It will force Democrats who actually believe in gun ownership to consider if they are voting for their own property to be seized when anti-gun forces demand we all capitulate to them. What will those rank and file union members do when they are told that their candidate agrees with John Paul Stevens? They will either vote for a Republican or someone else but they will never vote for a Democrat again.

John Paul Stevens has forever changed the conversation. Do you believe the Second Amendment should be repealed? That will be the question I ask of Democrats coming on my program from here out. Either you agree with him or you don’t and whatever your answer turns out to be, please explain in detail so that I can fully understand exactly where you stand.

I should not be penalized and have my Constitutional rights stripped because a 19 year old loser from Florida was able to get a pass from his school and law enforcement dozens of times despite dark fantasies and violent outbursts to remain at large to prey upon his former classmates and teachers, leaving 17 of them dead.

Do you believe America will be a safer place if the Second Amendment is erased from the Constitution? You had better get used to hearing that question.

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