Facebook has been engaged in industrialized spying for profit and they have been doing it at your expense, for years and lying all the way to the bank several times over. Let's remember the time in 2009 when Mark Zuckerberg gave a televised interview and proclaimed that Facebook would “never” sell you personal information to anyone. Well it seems he forgot about that promise.

Facebook also colluded with the Barack Obama campaign to impact the outcome of the Presidential Election. If you have Facebook stock I would strongly suggest you divest! Sell it all and sell it quickly. The #deletefacebook movement is really heating up and gaining speed. The company, according to yet another whistle blower checks in on phone calls, text messages and listens to your conversations to determine what’s going on. The company also puts its incredibly meaty social media thumb on the scale of the 2012 election at a minimum! I am guessing the stock is about to plunge much deeper.

How long do you think people will be hanging out on a site that takes their personal information, shares it with political campaigns (only the ones it likes) checks out who your calling, where you’re hanging out and what your texting? My guess is not long.

I am starting by deleting my Facebook App on my phone. I haven’t decided yet whether to pull down my other two pages but I am seriously considering it. I mean I do have a website for you all to stop by and check out.

What will you do?

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