It’s funny how the left when it gathers to protest one of it’s laundry lists of complaints against the supposed ills of America one of the most common refrains is “No justice no peace.” Yet for some reason when these would-be rioters are profiled on TV and their events are zeroed in on for commentary by one of the endless talking heads they are almost universally referred to as ‘peaceful protests.’

It seems strange to me that those screaming ‘no peace’ are referred to as peaceful protesters but I can chalk that up to the media painting a specific narrative it would like to see disseminated. It’s always that ‘peaceful’ demonstrators were attacked by this person or group or driven back by the police.

I’d like to point out Martin Luther King Jr. didn’t approach the civil rights movement in this way. In fact this is the antithesis of the kind of movement he led.

We need to find ways to heal America and it’s internal conflicts right now. That will not be accomplished by fanning the flames of racism, anger and violence.

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