Ladies, I am confused and I must admit I am a man and this is an issue about women.

Hillary Clinton has stated she will continue the policies of President Obama, policies that have not been working very well when it comes to our economy.

I then read that Clinton has historic level of female support, OK.

I then read the latest data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics last Friday about the employment rate with respect to women.  Those government statistics have informed us that there was a record-high number of women who are not participating in the labor force in June.

To be specific the data showed that there were 56,855,000 women not in the labor force in the month of June.  That ladies is an increase of 130,000 from the previous month. Women's labor participation rate declined from 56.7% in May to 56.6% from the previous month.

What gives?

Am I missing something here?

Are a majority of women not looking for work or just do not mind being unemployed?

The only thing I see as more important then the economy and good paying jobs is national security from foreign terrorist and now domestic terrorist.  With the evidence of the last 7 plus years I do not think anyone could argue that the Democrat party would keep us safer than the Republican party.

You tell me.

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