Whether you bleed green and white or maize and blue, show some sportsmanship and enjoy a healthy competition...or that is what Michigan State University and Michigan are currently asking of spectators for the Saturday's football game in a statement, according to WILX.

The MSU Athletic Director Bill Beekman and the Michigan Athletic Director Warde Manuel, made a joint statement towards "the fans, families, and friends of our two great universities."

This statement was posted on the Michigan Athletics Twitter page:

“As with every playing, both the University of Michigan and Michigan State University wish to emerge victoriously and to care for the coveted Paul Bunyan Trophy for the next year. Not limited to a single sport on a single day, our friendly rivalry is showcased among households, offices, businesses, and classrooms across the country. And on Saturday, before and immediately following a football game in which our young people strive valiantly in the arena of competition, let us all take care to keep the game in perspective. Our institutions maintain high expectations of our students, staff and community members and are committed to representing our sides with class and shared respect. On behalf of both institutions, we invite fans far and wide to join our respective student-athletes in the joy of competition and sportsmanship amid this great tradition.


This Saturday's game at Michigan stadium is set to kick off at noon, with network coverage by fox.

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