The battle is now officially on.   University of Michigan officials are reporting today that vandals--presumably Spartan fans--left their mark on campus.  

The Detroit Free Press is reporting today that the block "M" on the university's Diag has been painted green.  The letters "S" and "U" were painted there as well in contrasting white.

The incident is the first to occur this week leading up to the big game between the rival football teams in which the Spartans are considered the favorite this year.  The game this Saturday is also in East Lansing pumping up the odds of an MSU victory..

In years past, Sparty has been the target of vandals--believed to be Wolverine fans.  But now, the iconic statue is guarded around the clock by students on campus.  A pretty big task to ask considering overnight temperatures this week.

Game time is 3:30 and you can catch all the action on 1240 WJIM-AM and other stations of Townsquare Media.

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