Lansing police say the deaths of two people this morning in the parking lot of a hospital in the city was likely the result of a domestic situation.

WILX-TV is reporting that the shootings--likely a murder-suicide--that occurred around 7 o'clock at the McClaren Hospital facility on Pennsylvania Avenue. The victims have only been identified as both in their 40's.

Police believe the woman was shot and then the man turned the weapon on himself.  He was pronounced dead at the scene.  The female victim died a short time later while being treated at the hospital.

Media reports indicate that officials are giving no indications as to what caused the violence, but believe the two knew each other and that the shootings were the result of a domestic dispute.

Hospital officials are promising more information as the investigation continues. The report indicates they are in the process of interviewing hospital staff who may be able to offer clues as to what prompted the attack.

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