The website just rated Michigan State University, founded 1855, the #1 college in the state.

The Thrillist website is a site dedicated to travel issues and they reviewed each state for what they thought was the best college in the state.  They decided to look outside of the quality of education and decided to review the colleges in each state with the following criteria:

  • Physical beauty of the campus
  • quality of life
  • athletics
  • clubs
  • douchiness (perceived or otherwise)
  • parties
  • nightlife
  • notable alumni

The people at selected MSU due to the following:

It's a gorgeous standalone campus that's adopted a "neighborhood" model to help its student body feel more at home, and includes everything from a butterfly house to a Zaha Hadid-designed museum to go along with its storied Dairy Store. There's a world-class med and vet school, a storied journalism program, and unmatched agricultural research facilities (they include winemaking!). The athletic program has excelled primarily by recruiting in-state

Congrats MSU!

Which Michigan city was ranked one of the best to live in, check it out.

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