I have been saying it for years and will continue to, the Democrat party really does care about people, especially women right?

HBO’s Real Time show host Bill Maher suggested last Friday that these Hollywood men and others who are being accused of sexual harassment and assault are going to other women because they are not being “satisfied” at home, he does use another words that I will not use in my piece.

Is Bill Maher really not that bright or what is going on here?  We all know that when it comes to especially a sexual assault is not for sex but for power.

The Daily Mail is reporting that Bill Maher made this comment in a discussion about this issue with another daytime show host from The View, Joy Behar.

In the following Youtube video of the discussion go to minute 5:32 and you will hear him say it:

Now is it not interesting that this well-known liberal who it is reported has his own issues with women goes to blaming the women.  In this case he points out that all these men appear to have one thing in common and that is they are married, so he is essentially blame their wives.

Wonder what the women’s groups will have to say about this, I am betting not much.

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