Here is another installment of old Jackson memories...taken from photos, postcards, and memorabilia.

Seeing what downtown Jackson once looked almost resembled Detroit. I mean, Michigan Avenue (Main Street) was packed, both sides, all up and down the street from mid-downtown all the way out to the eastern end. Jackson was packed.

Hotels, motor car companies, glorious theaters, cafe's, bistros, shops & stores of all Jackson was the place to go for the weekend, evening, or an afternoon of shopping.

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Travelers came and went via the train depot. People came from all over just to visit Jackson. Just to visit! Word was out that this was where you had to go. And so they came. They spent their money, they saw top vaudeville and stage shows, went to a nearby amusement park to ride the roller coasters, went golfing, fishing, swimming, eating everything in sight. It was near-decadent, but in a good way.

Of course, all that glamour and glitz faded away over the decades. But the memories, recollections, and historic moments are still here for us to peruse. People who were around back then are more than likely gone now, so it's up to us to keep these artifacts around.....for future generations to learn and for history buffs to marvel.

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