Tons of companies are dropping certain requirements in order to get new people hired in. Even the mega-company that is Amazon is looking to stop testing for marijuana due to the lack of workers. Now it looks likes stoners have a clear path to employment! I don't wanna hear any more excuses. 

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Drug store chain CVS announced earlier in August it would no longer require a minimum high school degree to fill entry-level spots at its stores. Amazon said in June it would stop testing job seekers for marijuana.


General Motors released the following statement about the possibility of dropping marijuana testing or new hires: This comes even as many employers are being forced to raise hourly wages and perks like extra bonuses or more flexible scheduling in order to recruit workers.

This is great news, I think! One part of me is happy that stoners are finally able to indulge in either recreational or medical use without the fear of consequences from their employer. On the second hand, I can understand how lowering certain requirements can drag in some less than favorable workers. Let's be honest, those requirements were in place for a reason. How many times have you worked with someone that dragged their feet or just irritated you to the point where fist-fighting seems like a legit option. I know I have! But then again there are those who suffer from real pain and cannabis is an awesome alternative to other medications, and you should never be penalized for trying to stop whatever pain affects you.

Ultimately I feel like this is a move in the right direction, even though I know for sure someone is gonna abuse this new update. I can already see someone showing up for a job interview with a blunt in their mouth...


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