This story starts out simple enough. I got lost and made a wrong turn on MLK. I had driven past Holmes. I was headed north. I was going to take a right on Mt. Hope but I overshot that. I ended up finally turning and heading east on W. Barnes. The next thing I know, I had journeyed back behind the smokestacks and found the magic of Moores Park.

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It's part of the Lansing River Trail and I had never ventured over this way before. As I was checking out the neighborhood, and the park within, how could you miss the closeness of those iconic smokestacks (Wynken, Blynken, and Nod)?

So what's the story of the legendary Lansing smokestacks and Moores Park?

I had always thought the smokestacks were part of the GM plant but I was wrong. As a matter of fact the mighty smokestacks were part of the Eckert Power Station.

McConnell Adams TSM Lansing

The whole thing from the right angle looks like prime super villain lair real estate. As a matter of fact, this spot was once eyed to be part of the fifth Transformer's movie they were shooting in Detroit.

McConnell Adams TSM Lansing

There's a dam back there and people actually relaxing and fishing.

McConnell Adams TSM Lansing

Did I mention there was a pool?

McConnell Adams TSM Lansing

This classic, that also sits in the shadows of the smokestacks, dates back to 1922.

McConnell Adams TSM Lansing

And there's talk of restoring it to it's former glory.

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What's Behind the Smokestacks? Come Take a Walk Through Historic Moores Park

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