I'll have to say, I've somewhat put the phone down since the pandemic started (somewhat meaning not really). Just because I didn't drop my phone, doesn't mean other people didn't. During the pandemic, people have turned to board games, puzzles, DIY Diamond Art, and cross-stitching (shout out to Jessica our digital director for picking up the hobby).

During the pandemic, Hasbro has reported a 21% jump in gaming sales. However, their overall revenue did fall because of TV and film delays, according to WILX.

Brian Goldner, Hasbro CEO, still is expecting good things to come this holiday season.

“Building off this quarter’s growth in toys, games and digital we are positioned to deliver a good holiday season,” said Goldner. “Live-action entertainment production is returning, and we are set to improve deliveries in the fourth quarter with some moving into 2021.”

What was your go-to hobby during the lockdown?

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