We all have to start somewhere, right? No one ever just starts out as the top dog, unless you start your own business.

Some of these owners may have started out that way, but not all did.

These Midwestern MLB Owners Had These Jobs Previously

While, you're not going to find maybe a true humbling story out of any of these, as most own their current teams due to some great financial reason in the past.

With that being said though, don't let us besmirch your dreams of possibly being a team owner. See what the great guys did below... just make sure you stay out of those Ponzi schemes...

Check Out The Former Jobs Of These Midwestern MLB Owners

Take a look at the jobs these MLB owners had before they owned their teams.

After seeing what some of these guys have done so far, do you see anything that you could do to make the possibility of you owning a sports team, possible?

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