I agree that the students at the University of Missouri are victims. They are victims without question but not of the things they claim including: rampant white privilege, systemic racism and a society that is stacked against them.

No the students that have commandeered the conversation at Missouri and other schools of higher learning like Yale are victims of something much more insidious, more damaging and more debilitating than not having access to intellectual safe zones. Which, by the way, is more accurately a place where thought is avoided, not embraced and I don’t find that to be safe at all.

No, the hundreds of thousands of privileged students around the nation that look in the mirror each day to see an oppressed victim looking back, or their own white face of privilege have been failed by something that could certainly destroy the nation altogether- piss poor parenting and a society too eager to embrace their delusional, narcissistic and dare I say pathetic view of the world.

I am sure there are tens of thousands of Asian and Indian students that would gladly embrace the so called systemic racism of Missouri or Yale or any of the other colleges that are falsely accused each day of such transgressions. However those that live in places like China and India don’t view themselves as victims the way the ‘oppressed’ students at the University of Missouri do.

Stand up America!