Bernie Sanders is working to ban the federal prohibition on smoking weed- and he also wants to ban anyone from mining or using coal, oil and gas. In fact the outspoken Democratic Socialist, (he’s actually a Marxist and should be an utter embarrassment to all of Vermont, but that’s for another day) wants to ban all exploration of gas, oil and coal on any federal land.

He wants to do this despite the American energy revolution that has produced more affordable energy through fracking than anything else in recent history.

Those that benefit the most from cheap energy, are the same people that benefit most from cheap anything- the poor. The cheaper the better, for folks at the bottom. You see a few extra dollars in somebody’s pocket and not in the gas tank or paid to the electric company helps them rise up. Cheap energy for transportation, electricity, cooking, cooling and a myriad other things lifts people out of poverty far faster than forcing companies to raise the minimum wage. Which of course ends up with people getting tossed out of their jobs. Don’t believe me? Ask the folks in Seattle how that $15 an hour thing is working out in the restaurant business for example.

I guess however if you smoke enough dope- you can sit in the dark, I mean far out man!